Thursday, June 5, 2008

Excerpts from the thoughts of an animal lover..continued

The purity of the animal kingdom's life has brought continuous renewal to our world and humanity . Animals teach us to enjoy life. If you will notice they are not confined to schedules as we are; all they know is that they want to do something and they see no reason not to do it. We go out and play with them and begin to feel younger in the process.

Animals teach us how to relax. Watch them and you will notice that they find time to rest each day with no worries about anything. This is a lesson that everyone could use.
They teach us to love. Animals give love unconditionally to those that care for them. They do not give you ultimatums or conditions given; all that they ask is for love in return. Learning to love those around you with no expectations is a lesson we could all use as well.
Compassion is perhaps the greatest lesson animals can teach us. When they look at us with those innocent eyes we begin to melt and feel concern for them and their plight. We begin to want to do more to help them through and get them out of the worse situations.
Patience is something they teach us. When animals have behavior issues or habits that we as people find to be less than desirable we somehow find the patience to help them change those habits. We find ways to control our tempers no matter how angry the behavior may make us and begin to look for ways to alter their behavior.

I think that the biggest lesson that we can learn from animals, or at least pets, is undying love and devotion. You read stories about pets that gave there lives to save their owners, or pets that find their way back to their owners somehow, often traveling great distances to do so. Most of us humans would not even bother going out of our way for one another, even those that we love. But if an animal loves you, then they love you all the way, and they would do anything for you. All they want are the basic things that all living creatures need.

Animals could do things they know will hurt because they hope if they take the chance, the turn-out will be different. Just as maybe we think we can trust a relationship we know won't work out to test the waters and take a chance, even though we'll end up hurt and heartbroken.
When animals use their paws as hands or look at us a certain way, they seem more human than ever and yet we wish not to see the similarities.
Animals can teach us respect, patience, responsibility, and strength. If we're strong enough to respect them and likewise, we can get along. Just as all people should realize that and get along.
I'm not crazy, I just like to believe there's more than meets the eye.
So next time you throw a rubber ball for "man's best friend" to fetch, consider your roles for a second and how you're treating another being. Does your dog really want to fetch or does he just want to make you, his owner, happy?
What if someone said "fetch, simple human"? Would you oblige?


Jonathan said...

hmm..good write...

Infact it has set me thinking if there was anything at all I benefited or learnt from animals. I could think of 2 things that happen to me on seeing an animal. Sometimes my taste buds are triggered and sometimes my hand starts twitching; which is a good feeling in its own way.
To me, seeing a dog is equivalent to seeing a dartboard. Thanks to them, my throwing arm has become stronger. Hand eye co-ordination has improved. Aim is more accurate.

Hey, you know what,just like you, I think even I love animals; but only for the reasons stated above. Perhaps I could write my own blog on why I love animals.

Honestly, after reading your blog I never knew you could learn so much from animals.

I may just have to change my perspective on animals, which I dont see happen in the near future!!


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.